How is Airbnb moving forward for a safer experience?

We all know the companies policies in the United States are that if they are doing fine then harm is going on to the public until something happens! This means that if they are making money and the customers are paying and are happy then why should the company change their policies to make it […]

How is Google bringing a change to its new search algorithm dynamic?

Google is making their searching easier for people with different dialogue and accent. They are making it more user friendly based on the local destination and diversity in languages. This is going to be in effect in English at first. So what does this mean? It’s putting the different dialogue into testing since in certain […]

How are the electric cars becoming a trend in society?

Ford is jumping in the electric cars next year and joining the likes of Tesla, Toyota, and others in this grand scheme of play. The company noticed that the electric cars are the future thing and why not jump on the bandwagon and get a head start on this. Basically Tesla is far ahead in […]

What are the common questions you will be asked in an interview with a technology company?

No matter what role you apply for, there are some basic ground questions that the interviewer will ask you. Such questions are tell me about yourself, why you want this position, what’s your biggest strength, and etc. you should fairly answer these questions with honest and a little touch of humour to lighten up the […]

What is going on with Kik and third party messaging companies?

It’s been a long since last blog and not to worry it’s going to be another interesting topic. Starting with another newsworthy message, Kik is making a comeback from last time they mentioned they wanted to be out of the whole business and shrinking due to SEC issues. Here is few thoughts on messaging apps […]

What if there was a telephone company providing data only worldwide?

This is a personal project that I worked on before for my thesis during bachelors degree. Highly was regarded as a “taking over the world” character rather than being boosted as a disruptor to telephone services. Currently, each country has around 5-6 at least phone companies in their countries that provide services such as calling, […]

How has traveling been impacted by technology?

When you are looking to travel via any modes of transportation, your first intention is to travel light and portable friendly. This luggage called Travelers Choice Smart USB has all the needs for someone looking to go away for few weeks. This luggage is consist of USB, fully rotating wheels, and clever dividers in its […]

What is with the competition of phone screen?

When the smartphone competition era kicked off more than a decade ago, people were rushing to buy the technology to use for the emailing, texting, and calling purposes. Then, the battle between the two giants for App Store launches and it’s going on and off between android and iOS. Now the competition has seen a […]

How far is enough to be scammed or come across fraud accounts on social media?

As recently as 2016, half of the communication you had with people on dating app based on match group company were based on bots and frauds. This shows that the alarming rate for people when they are looking for something, the scammers are at their best to act upon it online. As it shows the […]

How is our consumer behavior being effected by the economy?

It’s been almost a decade since the last recession and millennials don’t have a good feeling about their experience with what they went through. Instead they are using apps such as AfterPay to buy now and pay later method of shopping with no interest on their payment. This shows that the younger generation doesn’t look […]

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