How are the big tech firms driving the economy at the moment?

The fab five tech which are Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are worth $7 Trillion at the moment and have reached their record highs. If you add Tesla and Netflix it would be over $7.7 Trillion economy. They have thrived under corona-economy for sure. The other 2000 companies are worth almost $2 Trillion. What’s […]

How are the new tech mergers are concerns to the public?

Google is merging with Fitbit and Microsoft is merging with Tik Tok as they are the rumors in today’a tech world. Both acquisitions will commingle different types of data for more user predictions and understanding. What’s the problem with these two mergers? Google is trying to compete with Apple and Microsoft is trying to compete […]

How are tech firms effecting retailer bankruptcy and other aspects of society?

We got another one in the bankruptcy world of retailers, hold your tears for Lord&Taylor. The list keeps on piling this year and it is not going to get better for retailers or stores with physical locations anymore. How are the tech firms effecting this scenario? One thing is as one kingdom falls another kingdom […]

What are the after effects of banning Tik Tok by the Trump administration?

The tension between the US and China was taking to new levels even before the shut down of consulates. Both countries have been playing cat and mouse with one another to get an edge on the other side. For unity it’s problematic and can drift us to new levels similar to Cold War except with […]

Where can the world look past the break up of big technology firms?

Tim Bray, a former Vice President of Amazon who quit in May has been calling for break up of Amazon. He hasn’t been the only person looking for such action being taken by the federal court. Some people have been looking to unionize within Amazon and their employment became a jeopardy. Few things to consider […]

What can tech startups do to prevent from cyber attacks?

Two days ago, world leader’s accounts were taken over by hackers and asking to deposit money to receive double the amount. It worked well for their scheme since they took over $100k while dispersing the money in different accounts. Who are the major companies that are vulnerable to such attacks? When a startup becomes hot […]

Can tech firms help cities with public policy?

As recently as this week, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter said he will help cities with Universal Basic Income. This means that everyone will have an equal opportunity at their salary to minimize the wealth gap. What other policies can tech firm assist with the mayors office of big cities? Tech firms are the […]

How can tech firms stay competitive with their marketing strategy to the public?

Pornhub offered free membership to Italian users for a month. Quibi did the same thing and lost 92% of their users traffic from free membership. What’s the problem with this strategy? This strategy is good until the customers have to pay. If there was a discount offer for the location, infected users, students, or unemployed […]

What are the benefits of AI usage?

As we know, in 2018, WHO warned us of possible pandemic and diseases that could paralyze our daily activities. Fast forward to 2020 and we are in one now! What can we do to predict the possibilities of a scenario? Programming is a tool that automates comprehensive information and data for our jobs which makes […]

What if the pandemic was on our internet service connection?

The pandemic has been on health and spread of disease. It has flinched our daily interaction and moves everything online. For one thing, we should be pleased that we have the internet and tech companies such as FAANG providing services to make the downtime go faster. What if the internet connection was shutdown? How would […]

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