How is Airbnb moving forward for a safer experience?

We all know the companies policies in the United States are that if they are doing fine then harm is going on to the public until something happens! This means that if they are making money and the customers are paying and are happy then why should the company change their policies to make it safer when its doing fine?

Here is a thing holding large parties or block parties is always dangerous. This means that parties with being promoted on social media and a lot of random people showing up is dangerous which flares could go up and down at any situations.

As recent as this Thursday, Airbnb had an incident that made their policies differ than previous times. There was a shooting at a party being hosted at a mansion which was promoted on social media and left 5 people dead!

This is horrific and horrible news to the company and their PR team. They have to deal with the situation in crisis mode to get an action done fast. Then, the Airbnb team came up with no parties hosted on their platform anymore. We are sure this wasn’t the only incident that left the hosts worry compare to previous times and such. However, this is not a good news as it shows people are vulnerable in large settings when are not checked at the gates or entrances.

This shows that tech companies need to think more about security matters based on the critical outcome and try to prevent situations from happening than letting it happen and say we are sorry period. Why aren’t the tech company a little more sympathetic and show that they will try to add more people on their team to prevent such matters even if the situation hasn’t happened yet.

This is lack of efficacy and policies that are holding in the most free country that they are willing to do anything at anytime. This shows that they are willing to work something out but when the situation comes at hand rather than dealing with the crisis before it happening.

Such cases are always a crisis to the corporation and country which shows that we are doing fine until something goes wrong and then oops we are only sorry not going to change more than few policies around the corner. This shows how vulnerable things can be at hand and prove that crisis are the point to come across at anytime in hand.

With that said, Airbnb did and follow procedure from other tech companies and policies in the U.S and it shows it failed but they did what they had to do to clean up their act and make sure they are safe for their stakeholders and investors putting their money in the private company. That shows how the world of capitalism is running and it’s purely based on money rather than rights and security.

How is Google bringing a change to its new search algorithm dynamic?

Google is making their searching easier for people with different dialogue and accent. They are making it more user friendly based on the local destination and diversity in languages. This is going to be in effect in English at first. So what does this mean?

It’s putting the different dialogue into testing since in certain countries with English speaking such as Great Britain, Australia, and the US each have different accents and wordings with the locales especially their different region.

With this new ways Google is making it easier for searches to be done towards their Google voice system and also more expanding their database on different grounds. Google is bringing changes to different places that they can have their searches be done with different tone, accents, and dialogues in their search engine.

Now Google is making diversity more simpler and natural to the locales differentiated by the wordings. If you are traveling from Sydney to Melbourne you might feel some difference in language and now Google can direct you with it. Google can bring a little difference a huge assist with this touch for businessmen, doctors, and lawyers around the country going to another region.

Now with this travelers can feel more of they are camouflaged with the local people. The travelers are able to go around the region and feel that their asking questions and knowing the accents can be a plus for their lives in their new adopted lifestyle for few days or weeks.

This is making a change in their lives and it can be feel coherent and well informed for the people to go through this. People will feel adjusted and glad to use the Google services compare to Bing or Yahoo that don’t have such complicated tasks to be asked from.

With this Google will bring more searches for sure which tourists and travelers will benefit a lot from to adjust their searches to local settings. For example if I’m traveling from Scotland to Ireland and want to know ways to feel I’m Irish without being noticed, now Google is making it much easier to adopt into that lifestyle settings.

Another good thing that has come out of this is that Google is understanding the diversity and differences of the regions and able to make people informed and be able to feed off of it. With that said corporations are able to penetrate their data targets much better for ads as well and utilize their sales to improve or compete with local stores now.

Google is making it easier and tougher for the society that is in between with changes and changes to come. Changes are necessary but slowly and maturely is very important to be aware of the factors. Older generations need to understand that such scheme is in play and their daily routine is in danger for much more simpler ways. Also, younger generation now need to understand that preserving the tradition and culture is important to know where and how our roots came from. Google please tell me how to say I want a cup of coffee in Dublin Ireland please!

How are the electric cars becoming a trend in society?

Ford is jumping in the electric cars next year and joining the likes of Tesla, Toyota, and others in this grand scheme of play. The company noticed that the electric cars are the future thing and why not jump on the bandwagon and get a head start on this.

Basically Tesla is far ahead in this game with their whole ecosystem of chargers and apps and the cars. However, Ford is introducing close to 12,000 charging stations across the United States and are able to bring Amazon Home Services ti help them with this. What they are doing is using the help of Amazon and lots of stations to recharge the cars.

Ford Focus started at 20 grand for price compare to Tesla at 34 grand and Toyota Prius at 24 grand of course plus the taxes and others it will be higher. However, drivers who tend to buy these cars get incentives of less charges on gas and oil change which will be a beauty for people looking to cut down on expenses.

As far as this goes, Ford is making this their baby project that they want to achieve within a certain time as their third party charging plug is triple than what Tesla has been able to accommodate to the public. With this trend the cars will become much cheaper and more available probably before the 2025 year. Why?

Let’s face it for a electric car starting at 20 grand it’s a bargain and all you need is to make charging stations available. Now it goes with mileage and other criteria that we have to make it more appealing to the society such as the computerized system or speed or even the looks and size of it.

With that said, the race is on for the electric cars as Porsche and Bugatti have joined the race except on higher luxury end for making this brand. The drivers for those brand will be the loyal ones from their previous model looking to become climate friendly for the future. However, with Tesla, Toyota, and Ford it’s about bringing new customers from every brand to become eco friendly and advocate of the climate change.

As this goes, Tesla is the winner in being the most tech savvy car as they have a monitor in their car to navigate everything from scratch. As far as durability and public reach out Ford is the clear winner at the moment with the most charge stations and home services for the owners of the car.

For the availability Toyota is the winner due to the pricing and making it affordable and reliable on the customers to utilize it. This makes them real different than the other ones and change the factors. However, within few years in the game Ford has been making the change available.

All in all, driving an electric car is better for the landscape of climate change and geopolitical matters in the world. In addition, you are helping saving your future and your kids and grandkids when deciding to become an electric car driver. It’s matter of being caring and on point with what needs to be done to have a better and cleaner environment. Let’s save the planet one car at a time and more!

What are the common questions you will be asked in an interview with a technology company?

No matter what role you apply for, there are some basic ground questions that the interviewer will ask you. Such questions are tell me about yourself, why you want this position, what’s your biggest strength, and etc. you should fairly answer these questions with honest and a little touch of humour to lighten up the mood.

What matters is that the interviewer is trying to get to know you more and want to establish a relationship with you. They could either be your manager or HR personnel that are asking these questions which soon or later they will be working with you on the job soon.

There are other critical and specific questions that they will be ask you such as what is your daily task at your current job, or how do you perform certain task, or what would you do to problem solve this situation as examples. In this case the interviewer is asking these questions to get to know your level of knowledge and expertise and see how much you think of doing outside the box scenario at work.

This shows the interviewer with all these questions they will know if you are fit to perform their job or not and how you will function day to day with the stress level available at their corporation. It’s fair to say that they hold these topic of questions to let you know what they think and how you think to function at the position.

There are other questions that they will ask such as bringing a third person into the picture and say what will your manager describe you if I call them or what will your friends describe you if we contacted them as another examples. That’s another scenario that the interviewer is trying to understand your personality and read you as a person at the company.

Therefore, honesty, straight forward, and direct answer is the best way to keep the interview flowing and maybe or possibly a story would be nice touch to mention some aspect as well. The interviewer definitely wants to hear good things from you and thinks you are the candidate but you have to work a little hard off with the questions.

Then, there are other scenarios that they will do such as put you behind a phone call and have you talk on the phone or have you create a project for them. This way they want to see your level of skills and how long it takes you to function for them. In other words, the interviewer wants to see you in action and how well you do when being tested.

When you are able to answer these questions and do the skills set that they ask you, you are golden and don’t have to worry much about anything. Besides they are actually looking for the right candidate to come on board and float their boat and direct them to a better places as well. Hope you do well on your next interview after reading this!

What is going on with Kik and third party messaging companies?

It’s been a long since last blog and not to worry it’s going to be another interesting topic. Starting with another newsworthy message, Kik is making a comeback from last time they mentioned they wanted to be out of the whole business and shrinking due to SEC issues. Here is few thoughts on messaging apps that are out there:

Kik is the best friend that is pen pal with Tinder and other major dating apps that don’t want to be exploiting your information to the strangers. They haven’t been publishing content as of WhatsApp with the terrorists organizations or even Telegram being encrypted rather they stayed their own lane.

Another factor is Kik has been able to survived the Darwinism of hunger games within startups in tech world over the past decade as most of the companies in messaging communication have been bought out by Google and Facebook or merged with other technology companies. Kik stayed in their own lane and made their name differently. Kudos to them for being the underdog and go to friendly in this environment.

Another factor with Kik is they introduced cryptocurrency which people can use fraud scams and other methods of haggling one another easier and competing with the likes of Facebook Libra. They are the only two companies that utilize social media and messaging with cryptocurrency as they see a method to have some sort of relation which is odd correlations. Although it’s easier to transfer money than before with such methods.

Another factor is that Kik should introduce calling services on their app to become more transparent as of Facebook messaging and WhatsApp rather than just being telegram anonymous. At the moment they are making the name for being a Dropbox file sharing with messaging to the public and making some moves which is not going anywhere besides just having people share information and harass one another.

Kik is user friendly and allows you to be your own phishing avatar that others won’t catch you which you can become anonymous online and different on other platforms. This is really sketchy and on point with the low morale that it receives and allows people to go off from their app for not being able to have more users in the long run!

On the contrary, Kik is another chatting app that is utilizing the evolution of communication messaging when the internet was booming and bringing us back to that point. It is the AOL and Yahoo messaging of the good old days that you can join groups and chatting messages where you can be your own self.

Now in the year of 2019, there are tech companies similar to Kik that thrive on the old method tradition and able to preserve the aspect of the authenticity with a little touch of modernization of cryptocurrency. Such features makes it unique and bold to stay thriving in the business. However, those touches makes us humble and remember the good old days behind the computer monitors waiting for internet connections!

What if there was a telephone company providing data only worldwide?

This is a personal project that I worked on before for my thesis during bachelors degree. Highly was regarded as a “taking over the world” character rather than being boosted as a disruptor to telephone services.

Currently, each country has around 5-6 at least phone companies in their countries that provide services such as calling, texting, and data. What would happen if the data being provided would allow you to call and text with their website, app, or software on your special device?

Well, to put things to perspective the competition would drive out the regular phone companies due to the cheap services being provided and the hardware gadget using for the source of service.

Then, the government doesn’t want it to happen due to this thing being over the top with board and allowing other countries on the same directory which they can listen to their enemies phone lines or snoop in their data.

In addition, the data services will need to be registered with each country to keep the transparency alive. Also, the coverage needs to be around the world and unanimous with the pricing to attract everyone even the ones trying any service for the first time.

Then, why would contractors be against it? For starter this is a giant project which will have competition with the likes of Telegram, Skype, to completion with Verizon, Vodaphone, and Apple as examples. You are providing data as your only component along with software and app and device for monthly charge which accumulates less than the current charge you are paying.

With such services you don’t have to worry that your phone is unlocked or locked now and you can go overseas or other continent or other state and still have the coverage talking with people from your home even your neighbor. Then it will drive massive competition out for the phone companies with such a giant step for one mankind as was asked its too big to fail of a project.

It’s a possibility to pursue such passion for further endeavors however funding and backing is necessary to have support from local startups and such rather than Verizon and Apple to start this program. In addition, it’s a hypothetical scenario and possible to do an investigating what could possibly be done to further this actions. However the chances to take this motive is high in the near future!

How has traveling been impacted by technology?

When you are looking to travel via any modes of transportation, your first intention is to travel light and portable friendly. This luggage called Travelers Choice Smart USB has all the needs for someone looking to go away for few weeks.

This luggage is consist of USB, fully rotating wheels, and clever dividers in its suitcase for separating items in the luggage. Well the price is not as expensive compare to what it offers. It is priced at $80-$180 depending the size and place you shop for it. With such a price on its tag, the company is giving you a bargain for what it is worth.

It certainly makes you travel lighter, faster, more comfortable, and easier with the efficiency of its combination being provided. People can use this for light modes of going around and access their gadgets such as computers, tablets, and smartphones to connect with the USB portal access services it has.

On another hand, the wheels are turning 360 degrees and no matter where you are moving towards, the wheels go along with you and are smooth in the transition. This has to be the key and effective piece in your traveling when you are moving from state to state or country to country in short span of time.

The tools and it’s efficiency makes traveling smoother and easier for someone who travels light and does business travels a lot. For people with the condition of consistent travel time they are looking for something to have to lean on to carry their loads of personal items.

It certainly would be a fit for traveling on subway and bus transportation as well since you have to walk a lot and need to go from places to places on foot most of the time. It is an easy and fast way to move forward with your carryons as well depending on how big you shop for the suitcase.

People can rely on other methods of luggage and this has come by far the easiest traveling tool for travelers on board. This has brought traveling faster and easier with the gadget of tech that can provide with. Based on the cost it’s very efficient and lean to have for your travels in the future.

What is with the competition of phone screen?

When the smartphone competition era kicked off more than a decade ago, people were rushing to buy the technology to use for the emailing, texting, and calling purposes. Then, the battle between the two giants for App Store launches and it’s going on and off between android and iOS.

Now the competition has seen a different side which is the screen size. As recently as few months ago, Galaxy Fold is going to be on sale for $1980 in the US which is almost price of one and half iPhone 11 from your pocket based on the screen size. The screen is foldable and it went through a round of back and forth for debug and checks to be completed.

Another smartphone that came out by Xiaomi company which is the folded in brochure format of phones screen. This phone is a mini computer in the pocket of a person for $2800 which is coming to market in China at first. The price is steep just for a phone and it’s showing no stoppage in the competition among their competitors.

Also, for new iPhone 11 pro max the screen size is 6.5 inches which is almost three inches bigger than the original iPhone that came out. The market is really going with using their screen for videos and movies and doing it all on their devices. This shows that people are more inclined to buy a bigger smartphone device than smaller ones.

With the market shift it shows as of 2017 the society in America 78% owned smartphones while 55% owned tablets. This shows that majority are incline to use smartphones as their tablets and using it all around devices. As this goes on, consumers will be less attractive to Kindle or e-readers devices since they can get the content for free from their phones.

This shows that the market of tablets is going to be harder among adults as the competition is going to be stiff even with smartphones and their screen sizes. As of 2017 there are 177.1 million users for tablets and 253 million users for smartphones in the US. The numbers show a greater interest in smartphones than tablets and that could change as smartphones are getting bigger and bigger.

Therefore, the price of tablets could drop or similar to some Kindle options they will go out of manufacturing more of those lines from the production. With that said, tablets are great and should be here for long term and with the competition of smartphones and their sizes, the phones can outrun the tablets even for younger generation to own.

This puts a conclusion for tablets to go for cheaper prices and use them for different reasoning since phones will be the go to way for the new way of using them. Hence, the tablets become just as a secondary method of use and something of a competition in the predominant technology era.

How far is enough to be scammed or come across fraud accounts on social media?

As recently as 2016, half of the communication you had with people on dating app based on match group company were based on bots and frauds. This shows that the alarming rate for people when they are looking for something, the scammers are at their best to act upon it online.

As it shows the scammers are looking to get any form of payment, information, or identity from their behalf to be pleased from their operation. Therefore, they are looking to make matters worse for the victim when they find out that they have been scammed and now they have released information about themselves. This is not the most pleasant thing but it’s pretty shameful and embarrassing to disclose it to your friends.

Due to this, your friends will say well it’s online what do you expect it to be besides a cesspool of fraudulent and scammers running operations on it. For the victims, it’s pretty scary and hunting feelings to go through this situation. For the scammers every fish is another one to be caught in the pond until the pond is dried up!

The best way is to report social media sites and criticize their operations. One thing can be done is to tell them how to improve their services to eliminate the fraudulent and scammers running around. Bumble for example is providing approved format that the person is taking a screenshot of themselves when they are putting their hands around their body either on their head or next to their head!

This way Facebook, SnapChat, and other dating sites can improve themselves to be more of transparent and show the discrepancy towards the nature of using social media. With that said, social media is suppose to be another benefit of connecting with old friends and using it when you want to hang out with them.

For such inquiry, social media is a dark and scary place where you can have people such as Michelle Carter who texted her boyfriend to take her life speaking with teenagers or lower ages. This can be scary since at those age you can believe anything about them saying anything and you won’t question it ever.

Therefore, there needs to come a point where and when you use pretty substantial words or violent terms to be blocked to take the harm away from the people. With that said, it’s better to make it more cleaner which I understand it’s not the nature of cool thing about social media.

Which is why when you are a victim of a situation there is nothing cool about it until they have blocked the scammer or fraud account or even took their harmful words away from being used against you. This shows that social media is another tool for people to abuse it and at the same time it can be a tool for connection with anyone around the world to get to know them as well!

How is our consumer behavior being effected by the economy?

It’s been almost a decade since the last recession and millennials don’t have a good feeling about their experience with what they went through. Instead they are using apps such as AfterPay to buy now and pay later method of shopping with no interest on their payment. This shows that the younger generation doesn’t look appealed to the debt interest cycle in the society.

With that said, the process of going in debt and paying extra later doesn’t seem appealing to some people and it shows they are not interested when their job could be shaky as well. Millennials are in the fashion and habit of trying out new options which AfterPay or Earnin allows the consumers to purchase what they like at the moment and can worry about the payments later.

As alarming as this sounds, the generation grew up with less of spending habit in their college years due to recession and where hit with if you don’t do well you won’t succeed fear. This placed the people in the scare that they need to do well for themselves to go to college and try to be as minimalistic as possible.

Therefore, their habits have passed on to their later years which they are not interested in interest payments which cars and mortgage are pretty tough for them to afford for some people at the moment. This scenario is a sign for economist that says we are in trouble with interest rates. On the other hand, it’s a healthy sign that millennials and future generation are tend to be more cautious with spending habits they have and what plan they get into as well.

With that said, fewer millennials tend to get into longer term payment plans with interest rates and keep on saving their money for later aspects. This is healthy scenario since the millennials are more cautious with how they are spending their money in first place. Now it is up to the economy to improve their ratings and rates for millennials to actually look into for cars and homes.

This way the economy will be in a cycle of a better term and not only America will feed off of it rather the other continents will be able to get positivity back from it as well. As this goes on, the economy of few countries is doing OK but it is still recovering in most of the regions of which is the reason to see why millennials are more cautious with their spendings than before.

Overall, it’s a good time to be young and have money since you are able to take advantage of all the new fintech apps and investments which you can become financially stable. It is time to make the millennials able to take challenges for the next step to buy homes which will have another cycle for the economy.

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