Let’s face it, not all companies are going down the spiral of negative output in their business. Time to bring common sense to the table and see which tech firms are thriving under this heat!

The companies that makes us stay home next to our TV and bundle up in our blanket to spend time with family and our pets are the ones need to consider as the ones doing well. For starter, forget about anything dealing with interaction with humans. Basically, that is what the society will look in future. However, it’s under circumstances that people are quarantined for cautionary matters.

Companies with video conferencing such as DingTalk, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Google and more are having heavy traffic in this matter towards their business. These firms are for the people to make business meetings and business calls easier and faster for us to proceed with.

Companies with food and grocery deliveries such as Amazon, DoorDash, FreshDirect, Uber Eats, Postmates and more are making it possible for us to survive without starving. These companies can have ranges of items to bring to your house from local to generic to chain restaurant products at your doorstep without interacting with anyone for safety measures.

Then, there are entertainment companies for us at home. These companies are streaming, video games, music, and meditation firms. They are Netflix, Hulu, Roku, Twitch, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, HeadSpace, Calm, Insight and more are making it easier to have the time go faster. These companies are making it easier for parents to deal with their kids boredom. Hence, there is a lot of spare time and it’s time to go through the contents that we have been seeking to go through.

Then there are the e-learning websites such as Apple University, Code Academy, EdX, and more that allows us to learn more at our free times. You have plenty of time to enjoy your relaxation from your day off and time to learn something new. What you know after the sixth day home alone, you are learning a skill or knowledge that have been craving to understand.

These type of tech firms have it ready at our finger tips to make it through these tough times. They are also the future for us to become more independent. Their usage will shift the focus for the future towards internet. Over the past two decades it taught us a lesson that things will be more digital and lack of human interaction will be inevitable!

Published by kia723

I am a masters student in Public Relations with interests in chess, sports, and food. I will discuss technology topics that will be useful to consider how to tackle them for your daily life and corporation along with communities.

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