Before Christ era when people wanted to receive messages they would go to the center of the city or hear from others through words of the mouth. It would be ONE person messenger spreading the concepts tone based on being serious and important for daily matters.

Fast forward to 20th century and the Russians had a tactic of producing massive amounts of information forms such as conspiracy theories to disinformation to comics about their political elections. Such tactics were first witnessed by the Stalin administration to win general election and people’s opinion.

Fast forward to 2020 and we have comics, memes, and gifs as our way of interpreting messages. These messages and concepts can be produced by anyone around the world as we have 7.2 Billion people! On top of that, the tones can be in any format for the public to witness and realize depending on their interpretations!

With the evolving messaging through technology and a simple click on getting a picture, video, phrase, or a clip as users of internet around the world, we can produce advertisements and information about people. Such tactic have been called the meddling of 2016 election. Although this is something for users to find out themselves if it’s true or not!

The comics and memes are the reason people turn to social media and produce innovative messages or segments about their friends or leaders or community to send a message that they want to get a kick out of it. Therefore, such messaging wasn’t the case before the smartphone or social media era in our daily lifestyle.

Now, it’s up to us to know how to use them for purposes to make command about how important the segments are either in the context or knowing the reasoning behind it. For people with knowledge about daily trend, they are able to produce massive amounts of information and make the content go viral. Is that what we want from an average person?

The answer is on the border line fence. They could be trolling and just making the messages for fun or they can be persuading public opinion about them. For media outlets such as comedians and the onion news they use them for humour and dark comedy. What if The New York Times started to produce memes and gifs about leaders?

First of all, that’s not their niche to produce caricatures or attention grabbing images rather they are there to show the truthful message. Second, there are outlets such as Times that show little images on their magazine that would be hinting the point.

This shows that memes and comics have definitely squeezed the bread and butter out of regular media outlets and anyone can come up with their own humour. However, to analyze the strength of truth, seriousness, and comedy the detector needs to be a moderator who is a guru of the culture to understand if they are right or wrong.

With memes and comics anyone can produce anything and send messages which can be problematic or called the new era of internet. In other countries such as Russia or China if the producer is making messages against the government they can go to jail or vanish. In America, they can face criticism or face harassment even in a freedom of speech world. The question is will we ever be free to have our own words in public no matter where we are?

Published by kia723

I am a masters student in Public Relations with interests in chess, sports, and food. I will discuss technology topics that will be useful to consider how to tackle them for your daily life and corporation along with communities.

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