Almost two months ago, Elon Musk’s tweet became reality and kept on scorching the critics. Now, look at the young avocado rise and shine in the field.

Tesla stock should have a continuous healthy growth for near future. Their products are the Apple of cars in auto industry. They have made their point that it’s time to change the world and go into greener cleaner environment with climate change happening as the oil is going extinct for good!

Tesla is definitely making adjustments into the near future for their field and if Elon Musk keeps his focus on one aspect to improve the manufacturing and lobbying factor of oil industry, then its possible to say the production could match Ford and GM companies.

The stock price so far has grown more than other auto industries combined even with less production from one of their fierce competitors. However, with BP looking to gain profits into the next visionary outcome within car industry.

As a company they have realized that oil will be going extinct and are selling their lands around the world to give dividend to shareholders. Oil has been down and BP needs to payout their dividends which this could be an opportunity for electric vehicle manufactures to jump on!

Tesla on the other hand is striving and making effort to change the perspective of auto industry. This places them similar as being bullied in school and now they are bullying other actors in the market! Their stocks are bullish and opening a production in Texas which aligns them with the current administration plans for employment and satisfaction.

As it is viewed, the stock has made their yearly growth and its about to make consistency factor in the market for the next quarters. This shows that Tesla is aggressive and pulling strings out of a hat like a magician to make their doubters change their mindset.

Now it’s about time to realize that the company is here for longer term and its just the beginning. Tesla is making enough noise to change the perspective of auto industry field and already every competitor came out with an EV of their own to compete. Although android is nothing as classy and shiny as Apple at least they try to make it look like it as Toyota is making it look for Tesla.

Times are changing and it’s nearing end of gas stations along with diesel and gas cars. Tesla wasn’t the pioneer of manufacturing of EV which they have been able to analyze previous mistakes projects for their company. It’s time to look the avocado grow and consider it organic and healthy at a Deli around your house!

Published by kia723

I am a masters student in Public Relations with interests in chess, sports, and food. I will discuss technology topics that will be useful to consider how to tackle them for your daily life and corporation along with communities.

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