As recently as 2016, half of the communication you had with people on dating app based on match group company were based on bots and frauds. This shows that the alarming rate for people when they are looking for something, the scammers are at their best to act upon it online.

As it shows the scammers are looking to get any form of payment, information, or identity from their behalf to be pleased from their operation. Therefore, they are looking to make matters worse for the victim when they find out that they have been scammed and now they have released information about themselves. This is not the most pleasant thing but it’s pretty shameful and embarrassing to disclose it to your friends.

Due to this, your friends will say well it’s online what do you expect it to be besides a cesspool of fraudulent and scammers running operations on it. For the victims, it’s pretty scary and hunting feelings to go through this situation. For the scammers every fish is another one to be caught in the pond until the pond is dried up!

The best way is to report social media sites and criticize their operations. One thing can be done is to tell them how to improve their services to eliminate the fraudulent and scammers running around. Bumble for example is providing approved format that the person is taking a screenshot of themselves when they are putting their hands around their body either on their head or next to their head!

This way Facebook, SnapChat, and other dating sites can improve themselves to be more of transparent and show the discrepancy towards the nature of using social media. With that said, social media is suppose to be another benefit of connecting with old friends and using it when you want to hang out with them.

For such inquiry, social media is a dark and scary place where you can have people such as Michelle Carter who texted her boyfriend to take her life speaking with teenagers or lower ages. This can be scary since at those age you can believe anything about them saying anything and you won’t question it ever.

Therefore, there needs to come a point where and when you use pretty substantial words or violent terms to be blocked to take the harm away from the people. With that said, it’s better to make it more cleaner which I understand it’s not the nature of cool thing about social media.

Which is why when you are a victim of a situation there is nothing cool about it until they have blocked the scammer or fraud account or even took their harmful words away from being used against you. This shows that social media is another tool for people to abuse it and at the same time it can be a tool for connection with anyone around the world to get to know them as well!

Published by kia723

I am a masters student in Public Relations with interests in chess, sports, and food. I will discuss technology topics that will be useful to consider how to tackle them for your daily life and corporation along with communities.

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