Let’s walk through an imagination here today and talk about what could be possible for a city to be perfect based climate change and the most sophisticated technology available. In this blog we will touch base on few aspects that are necessary to make that point. Here are the factors to consider:

First of all, the houses need to be built with plastic bottles. These bottles will be compressed and to the point that can take pressure of worst hurricanes and thunderstorms. Within these homes there will be technologies such as Alexa, security camera, and motion sensors on the lawns for pets and people approaching the houses. With that said, you will be able to order your grocery on Alexa and you can be assured of security measures on your computer through the camera and motion sensors.

Of course there will be additions of household utilities such as mattress and dishwashers that would be technology advanced which they are the essence of them including an electric gas pump for your electric car.

Then, for the roads the lining will consist of little led lights that you can see the road better along with having solar panel and wind turbines at every intersection to have your camera light, stop sign and security camera generating energy from them. This says that every time they want to add additional pavement, there will be wired they have to rewire and place along the roads and such. The security cameras will check every car to make sure your information is updated and will send you ticket if they find you have an expired insurance after few days of operating with it.

Then, comes the stores and checkins for places which will be operated with cashier less kiosk along with a supervisor watching you. This will implement the system of Amazon Go, CVS, and Home Depot that have no cashiers or store clerks for checkouts at some points. This will be similar to when you walk into your DMV in town that will have those kiosks as well as an example.

Then, we will have schools with every desk that has a stationed tablets carved into the chairs with desks. With that said educational programs will be running with tablets to find information and typing instead of writing. Which then comes to library and bookstores that will be paperless rather everything based from online versions with a click to buy and download from every user!

Then it comes the restaurants and gyms to discuss how they will operate. Both will have kiosks to order and ask for your checkins and ask for a trainer or waitress. For restaurants you will have a tablet within your table or chair by the bar to order your food that will be water proof. Which this means you have fewer baristas and waitresses running around. For gym if you walk in you will ask for a trainer on a pad to make appointment based on their profile and background career and education to teach you the right steps!

Basically every information will be running through tablets and servers. With that said, the internet will be free in public but you will pay taxes on your bills to accommodate the factors living in the city. Such can be said is if you are at the gym and a member you pay a 10% tax for the WiFi and services to go paperless and using data and trainers for online instructions as examples.

In addition, your local cops and fire department will be having an app and button to ask for help to navigate your gps which this says that when your 911 goes off they can track easily by click of a button rather through calling and being on phone for a minute!

Then we have post office which will operate for you to make your progress go paperless and receive notifications on your email. What they do is take your mails if you have any and scan them and charge you a $.10 per paper being scanned because there will be no mailman to post mails rather packages! This means that you will pay a price for every mail you get because you are using paper.

Another factor is the driver less cars. This is still being worked on but you can utilize the system if you want to make it an Uber or other factors but it needs to be registered with the city of what you are doing with it since the car can be used for phishy activities or other things will happen to it. Therefore, every citizen of the city needs to have their emails and information registered with the city town and law enforcement for any activity going on!

This city will definitely save a lot of money and be operating with little expense once people become accustom to it. The idea is to be as tech advanced and little harm to nature done by operating efficiently and eco friendly!

Published by kia723

I am a masters student in Public Relations with interests in chess, sports, and food. I will discuss technology topics that will be useful to consider how to tackle them for your daily life and corporation along with communities.

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