As recent as this week two technology giant firms, Amazon and Google promised to utilize their resources for their building centers around climate change. With that said, technology firms are now leading the race to make the weather cleaner for the future besides business as usual.

If more technology firms come forth that puts pressure on other companies to battle the climate change together. This means their cause would be unanimous and internationally to discuss. Also, it’s a common fight that we all are looking to campaign for greener earth in climate topic. In addition, it would be more appealing to future employees and current employees to work at these companies fighting for earth.

With that said, the globe is becoming warmer and is experiencing wider arrays of weather changes. This puts pressure on people how to handle such dramatic responses and how to cope with them. Some areas, people can’t walk out when it’s either too hot or too cold in the mist of the season. This puts them in pressure to migrate into other cities and states to have less fluctuations and more neutral zones for weather.

For technology firms to come forth and participate in this battle, they can be pioneers of saving the earth just as they made their services and products for comfortability and efficiency of our lifestyle. If they were able to improve our lives into more simpler and easier, for sure their resources can be useful to tackle this campaign. Few things that can be looked into utilizing for greener earth are:

First is the battle of oil versus electric and hybrid cars. In some states, the electric cars are available and using less gas is the way to move forward. Tesla and Toyota as examples of electric cars can collaborate with gas stations to add an additional electric pump in the stations and still charge for some amount of usage. This can not only keep the oil company in business rather be innovative and utilizing their services in other ways. Also, when it becomes a law to improve the gas stations, this will create a cleaner and greener environment.

Another factor is utilizing solar panels. Once it becomes a law to use solar panels as a way of energy households will be forced to use them. This means the prices should decrease and the demand will go higher for solar panels in each area. In addition, who doesn’t want to pay less for electric bills anyways. I sure don’t like how I am paying a lot for my lights and microwave usage!

Another one is utilizing wind turbine. Yes the wind turbine can produce energy and it can be an alternative resources if every household had a small one by their lawn and utilizing. When I mean every household as of houses with grass and farms can have more than one! This way when there is major winds in winter we can be thankful that is producing energy for us!

Also, having recycling trash in your neighborhood or sanitation to take such trash out. With the help of the town legislation when your bottles are being used for recycling it sure can improve your resources for other things rather than utilizing new forms of plastic. There was a house made of 600,000 bottles compressed last year instead of woods and cement. How beautiful is that?

Lastly, how would writers and authors feel about publishing their books online instead of book version? I know this sounds a little too extreme for their measures but these days books are used by cutting woods and utilizing for hemp or not using plants and woods would be better global strategy.

These are measures that legislators could utilize for improving climate change and any feedback would be welcome to increase the list.

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I am a masters student in Public Relations with interests in chess, sports, and food. I will discuss technology topics that will be useful to consider how to tackle them for your daily life and corporation along with communities.

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  1. So many excellent points made here. There is so much we can do – (we do have the technology) but it is going to take legislation to make everyone act. And there’s the rub. Politicians. Each of us needs to nag our local representatives into action. And fast.

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