Apple is bringing SE back with the release of their iPhone 11. With this new update the phone will be 4.7 inches and similar features as iPhone XR. It is a repeat of doing iPhone 5SE while having features of iPhone 6.

With this concept, Apple is trying to compete with their competitors on size and models. Also, they would like to keep the original name of the phone for upcoming new releases. When Apple released the 5C model it was based on doing it in different coloring for users to have in the public.

Now with the release of another SE, they want to penetrate the market that has iPhone 8 to buy their new model with newer features. Why? Their business is about quarterly sales and revenue to trying to keep their stakeholders happy.

In addition, Apple wants to target market their competitors in the share of smartphone business. With this return, the technology firm is about to compete with Android and Huawei in this industry. The phone will be smaller and neat with features that will be gaudy for new users to tempt them to buy their new model.

Apple is looking to grow their industry and target users by attracting more customers to their IOS landscape. Not testing out their products is a shame if you haven’t when you had the chance. Hence, being tempted to save your weekly money to buy such a product can be a little too steep for someone outside the U.S.

It would be a great deal for Apple to sell their products at a cheaper price for other countries since the price is expensive and pricy for some people in Europe or Middle East as an example. Their products can become cheaper to even target more market share with Google phones and Huawei as an example. On top of it, Apple can think strategically about other products they can minimize with this connotation.

There are other products that can be looked into when you are buying an IOS device such as Kindle which you can have the iBook app on your phone. Therefore, for users that want to become comfortable to use their device 24/7, the company needs to think strategically how they want to pinpoint their target audience better.

In addition, to keep generating income and keep their stocks low on shelves on smartphones, Apple can unveil collaborations with schools and universities to utilize their product within their curriculum. Some high schools in rich neighborhoods with high taxes are allowing their students to borrow iPads at schools.

This can be transformed into allowing workers and others use products that are iPhone as well for people in the education and career paths as well. With such grandiose topic for more revenues, Apple is thinking for high demand with low supply market to penetrate their market share again to keep their prices as high as Supreme brand.

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I am a masters student in Public Relations with interests in chess, sports, and food. I will discuss technology topics that will be useful to consider how to tackle them for your daily life and corporation along with communities.

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